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Job Description – Web Designer / Developer

Candidate Profile:
The ideal candidate will have 3-5 years web design and some development experience in a Microsoft environment using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.Net Web Forms and Visual Studio.
The candidate will be required to communicate extensively with colleagues in Russia and Eastern Europe as well as translating requirements written in Russian to English. Hence the candidate should be fluent in the Russian language, both written and oral. Some customer communication will also be required.

The ideal candidate will have degree level education with computing qualifications. Web design and development experience in a Microsoft environment using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.Net Web Forms, Visual Studio, with experience of C# and Web Services. Fluent Russian, both written and oral, would be a significant advantage

IT Skills:
To include 2-3 years’ experience in the following fields:
• CSS;
• JavaScript;
• ASP.Net Web Forms;
• Visual Studio;
• Photoshop.
Also the following would be desirable:
• C#;
• Web Services.
• JQuery (or similar);
• Flash;
• Flex;
• Silverlight;
• Subversion;
• Visual Source Safe;
• IIS;
• SQL.

The candidate must be able to use JavaScript / AJAX to create dynamic interface elements reusing existing OO APIs.

• The ability to balance both productivity and creativity based on the number of work requests in the pipeline.
• Personal project management skills – ability to create and maintain project plans for the customisation work assigned and to communicate those plans to clients and responsible managers.
• Good estimation skills.
• Strong Analytical skills
• Must demonstrate attention to detail and strong job completion skills.
• Able to prioritise workloads and respond to tight deadlines – good timekeeping is essential.
• Willing to take responsibility for ensuring delivery of a quality service.
• Interested in learning new applications, products and techniques.
• Language skills – fluency in Russian is preferably both oral and written
Ideal candidates will have extensive web site design experience, good personal project management skills.
Personal Attributes:
Candidates should be confident, self-motivated and results driven, with a flexible, professional attitude and acting as a good team player that wants to work towards meeting expectations and providing solutions.

Please contact Robin Carton: : 01920 877111


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