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I am currently seeking a Senior .NET WPF, WinForms developer to work on new innovative data management applications. You’ll work within a talented team, and ultimately be responsible for crafting elegant front-end applications, but be adaptable enough to turn your attention to server side coding, low-level systems coding and more.

Ideally you will be a quick learner, enjoy challenging and interesting problems, understand the technology landscape, and get a buzz from producing the simple and elegant solutions. You will also work very closely with end customers and need to ensure your code is efficient and maintainable.

Key requirements;
• Previous experience of designing and building elegant desktop applications with .NET and WPF, WinForms.
• Happy to work with cross platform or non Windows GUI frameworks, such as Cocoa or QT
• Knowledge with scripting languages, such as PHP, Perl, Python or Ruby, and command line programming.

Skills & Experience;
• Experience of working with desktop applications.
• Proven knowledge of applying skills and experience to produce stylish user applications
• Comfortable to develop within a test driven and iterative approach.
• Previous experience within an agile/lean environment and are happy dealing with change.

Please contact Robin Carton – – 01920 877111

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