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Work with IT Ops team to manage and maintain the infrastructure of 300 – 400 servers running the following technologies:
• Linux (Ubuntu)
• Apache
• NginX
• MySql
• Puppet
• VMWare
• SAN(Netapp, 3PAR)
• TCPIPNetworking (Cisco switches, routers)
• CiscoFirewalls
Desired Skills & Experience
• Highly proficient with Linux in a web server environment
• Understanding of at least one development language
• Proven track record implementing and maintaining a configuration management system like Puppet or similar for a large serverbase
• Understanding of technologies required to build a scalable infrastructure
• Experience managing and maintaining large amounts of servers (200+)
• Scripting
• Exposure to virtualisation technologies such asVMware, Xen or KVM etc.
• Exposure to SAN technologies such as NetApp and3PAR
• Deep technical understanding of Linux internals
Desirable skills:
• Exposure to cloud based infrastructure offerings such as EC2, S3 or Slicehost
• Experience with Ruby, Python, Java or C

Please contact Peter Jackson – – 01920 877111


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