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About the Job


The Technical Architect’s role is to technical lead solutions that support the core functions. This individual will have a high technical hands-on ability to take outlined problems, turn these into solutions (for approval by the platform architect), document these for (and support) the development teams implementation.  This will include the selection of technologies and approaches in line with the strategic direction of the project.  There will also be significant involvement in project planning (using agile methodologies).


Main Responsibilities

  • You will be acting as technical authority, overseeing technology selections and implementation strategies.
  • Understand the business and non-functional requirements, and to identify a suitable architectural constructs (including broader technologies, application structure and conceptual approaches).that best meets any relevant budgetary and/or timescale constraints.
  • Input to and accommodate enterprise architectural influences to ensure best fit for the customer and its longer term strategy
  • Working with the Senior Developers defining the detailed Designs, documenting these, and potentially implementing stubs to prove the principles and to allow other areas of the project to proceed.
  • Carry out appropriate levels of review and quality assurance of the solution
  • Produce and maintain appropriate and agreed documentation in line with company standards.


Knowledge & Experience (Must Have)

  • Excellent architecture and technical support documentation skills.
  • Exceptional analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Thorough knowledge of .net framework
  • Good working knowledge of Java
  • Demonstrated ability to think in both a grand scale (e.g., how a system will be broken down in a wide area environment) and in a not-so-grand scale (e.g., how a particular object will perform under high concurrency)
  • Proven experience in systems design and development.
  • Strong understanding of information processing principles and practices.
  • Familiar with Agile/XP/SCRUM
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • HTTP 1.1
  • Experience of Restful API design & implementation
  • RelaxNG/Xml schema design
  • XPath/XQuery
  • Domain-driven Design
  • Automated Acceptance Testing
  • Continuous Integration



  • Experience of SiteCore CMS
  • Http-based Security Architectures (OAuth2, Digest Access, etc)
  • ASP.Net MVC4 Web API
  • RDF, OWL
  • Triple Stores: Owlim
  • Xml Repositories: MarkLogic
  • IIS7, Tomcat7, Apache 2.2

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